May 19, 2010
Health Executive Summit

Chronic Disease Management

Reengineering care to improve clinical and financial outcomes

Chronic or long-term conditions can represent up to 70% of a country’s total health expenditure. With aging populations and an increasing number of chronic patients, European health systems are embracing chronic care as one of the most promising opportunities to improve clinical and financial outcomes. Topics include:

  • Integrating disease management in the overall health reform
  • Redesigning care to improve clinical and financial outcomes
  • Informing and empowering chronic patients

May 20, 2010
Health Executive Summit


Implementing collaborative patient-centered care.

While healthcare expenditures increase every year, eHealth represents one hope to improve at the same time clinical and financial outcomes. This Summit focuses on the use of the internet and mobile technologies to integrate care and build better collaboration between health professionals and patients. Topics include:

  • Using technology to improve quality and patient safety
  • Implementing transnational care for the European patient
  • Overcoming the hurdles of standards and interoperability

May 21, 2010
Health Executive Summit

Sustainable Development

Designing sustainable health systems

Health establishments are important consumers of resources and major producers of wastes.
From vision to performance measurement, this Summit builds a business case and explores successful initiatives in sustainable development. Topics include:

  • Improving energy efficiency and reducing hospitals’ carbon footprint
  • Allying sustainability with quality and patient safety
  • Engaging management, staff, suppliers and partners in sustainable development initiatives