ExoMAX Opti Enhancer Reagent

ExoMAX Opti Enhancer Reagent

General description

Easier preparation for density gradient ultracentrifugation

For researchers requiring high purity exosomes, sucrose or OptiPrep (iodixanol) density gradient ultracentrifugation are the methods of choice. However, sample preparation prior to the density gradient is a time-consuming, multi-step process. To optimize the steps of the previous density gradient, SBI has developed ExoMAX Opti Enhancer, an easy-to-use reagent that can move samples to the density gradient in three easy steps.

  • High purity: supports the separation of virus exosomes and protein aggregates. High throughput – delivers more exosomes than traditional protocol, start with smaller samples
  • More hands-free: three easy steps before the density gradient
  • Flexible – Supports subsequent biomarker discovery and functional assays
  • Scalable – Sediment exosomes from any volume of conditioned media or biofluid and resuspend as needed for density gradient.

How does it work

Get to the gradient fast

Instead of several low-speed centrifugation steps followed by a high-speed ultracentrifugation step (left panel), with ExoMAX Opti Enhancer you can simply centrifuge cell culture medium or biofluid to pellet cell debris, incubate with ExoMAX Opti Enhancer, centrifuge again, and load the resuspended pellet into the density gradient, no preliminary high-speed centrifugation is necessary (right panel). The resulting exosomes collected from the density gradient are present in higher amounts compared to standard preparation methods, allowing you to start with smaller sample volumes and can be easily separated from other coprecipitating particles such as viruses and proteins.


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